Super Animal Royale Is an Animal BR and It Is Free to Play Until Saturday

Super Animal Royale

Do you like games featuring cuddly and sweet animals? If you do, there is a chance you may like Super Animal Royale. However, there is a condition here – in this game, only the characters are cute, but the in-game violence between them is very real as long, although featured in cartoonish and colourful graphics.

If you visit Steam, you will find that Super Animal Royale has just entered the Early Access phase. The game utilizes the concept of the currently popular Battle Royale, but puts in an entirely different context – a virtual animated world filled with animals ready to kill each other until the last…um, animal standing.

All the biggest stars of the fauna world are here, including bears, tigers, foxes, and even rabbits. The real world is cruel and so is Super Animal Royale, which means that you can expect plenty of shooting and violence starring forest creatures. This is a great chance to try this game as it is free to play until the end of the week.

Fighting for Survival While Having a Laugh

There are many similarities or, if you will, parodies with the classic BR games. In this release, for example, you are carried across the turf by a duck and then use an umbrella (who needs a parachute?). This is pretty much the only moment when things remain completely cute. Once you hit the ground, you can look for all sorts of weapons, including miniguns, shotguns, rifles, pistols, and even grenade. There are even some jungle additions, such as a banana peel that your opponents can slip on.

The featured vehicle is a huge hamster ball that you can use to run over enemies. The power-ups are not given from above, but from underground. The moles are in the role of missionaries who supply items occasionally. Everything looks so cute and things are pretty fast as a session rarely lasts over 10 minutes, which means you can pick up and play at any time. At this moment, you can play on your own or with a friend in the duo mode. As for squad play, the developers announced it as one of the features, but remember, Super Animal Royale just hit the Early Access.

While you are playing, you can unlock new heroes by combining animal DNA, and you will occasionally be awarded new outfits. As it only started, do not expect too many human players at the moment, but there are bots willing to fill open slots for the moment.

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