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Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku New Franchise Is In The Works – Yakuza Series Developers Confirmed In An Interview

Studio Ryu Ga Gotoku New Franchise Is In The Works

Great news for fans of Yakuza, Judgment, and other productions by the talented folks of Ryu Ga Gotoku. They are working on something new.

It was confirmed that Ryu Ga Gotoku studio is working on a completely new franchise in an interview with Famitsu (transcribed by ryokutya, and partially translated by VGC).

We’re also working on unannounced titles outside of [Yakuza and Judgment],” said Masayoshi Yokoyama. The studio director also went on to say that Ryu Ga Gotoku will “continue to cherish the Judgement series“.

This is an interesting development for many reasons. But this only sparks further questions and endless speculation. For starters, some sources reported that the Judgment series will be discontinued after this year’s fantastic Lost Judgment. This is because of disputes over the likeness rights of the actor used for the protagonist. Johnny & Associates talent agency prevented SEGA from releasing Lost Judgment to PC.

SEGA put extensive effort into bringing the entire Yakuza series to PC. This strategy brought plenty of sales and the games quickly amassed quite an audience. But Judgment is now stuck on consoles until some key figures disappear from the franchise completely in the sequels. With this in mind, SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku might want to drop the series and start something new in its stead.

Ryu Ga Gotoku New Franchise – How “New” Are We Talking Here?

Yakuza: Like a Dragon effectively turned the Yakuza IP into a turn-based RPG game. But Ryu Ga Gotoku had a proper replacement ready for old-school fans with Judgment, to scratch that brawler itch. And now Johnny & Associates might have taken away that replacement series.

Ryu Ga Gotoku could be working on a spiritual successor to Judgment and old Yakuzas. Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls type of maneuver to drop unwanted baggage along the way. Or this could be something completely new.

Although “completely new” might not be brand new. In 2018 Ryu Ga Gotoku released 2 completely new and original entries. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise and Judgment. And while they are technically new IPs, they boil down to different flavors of Yakuza. Which is not something negative by any stretch. Both were fantastic. But Ryu Ga Gotoku might stick to what they do best and launch another one of those. And just like FromSoftware, they might just refine their “Yakuza-likes”, experimenting with settings and gameplay gimmicks.

As soon as new information drops you will be the first to know if you choose to follow our website. And in the meanwhile, you can read the Famitsu report about which games sold the best in Japan two weeks ago.