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Remedy Will Manage to Finish Control by the End of the Year

The development studio Remedy used us to unusual games that could even fall into the “weird” compartment. The team based in Finland now has an official date available for their upcoming release called Control. According to several online sources, the game will release during 2019. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact release date yet, but the news is still encouraging.

Remedy has quite an interesting history for a game studio. They started over two decades ago with Death Rally, but what made them popular is the Max Payne series. After that, they released several unusual titles with the latest one being Quantum Break.

The great thing about this studio is that they are never rushing their games. One time they even made a seven-year break between releases, but we are hoping they will keep up this tempo now that they are moved to a new office. Apart from Control, they are also working on CrossFire 2 and crossfire HD.

But let’s return to the game in focus. Control will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. We expect it to appear on all platforms at the same time (whenever that is).

A Thrilling Detective Game

The game will put you in the role of Jesse Faden. She is a girl looking for answers while growing into the position of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Jesse will learn a lot of things about the in-game world as you progress through Control. You will also meet complex non-playing characters that should have a meaningful story of their own. The world is so filled with secrets that you will need numerous side quests to discover everything.

You will have the opportunity to work with other agents as you discover that weird experiments are happening and the Bureau is participating in them.

The developers pinpoint that the in-game world architecture is subject to change. Something weird is happening in the FBI’s building in New York, and it is up to you to discover what.

You will be using your fighting abilities to help you during your journey. The studio emphasizes that even using supernatural skills will be an option as you progress.

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