Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

Street Fighter V Arcade Mode Features Six Paths and 200 Endings

Capcom has finally revealed more details about the upcoming Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition. In fact, their new post discovered juicy particulars about the Arcade solo campaign that will be available from January 16, 2018.

It has been 30 years since the original Street Fighter appeared on the arcades (can you believe it?). At that time, you could only play as Ken or Ryu. Ever since then more than 50 characters have been added to the SF roster. The creators want to celebrate the anniversary adequately, which is why they are taking you on a journey through time.

The arcade mode will offer six different paths. Each of them will be based on separate installments from the franchise. On the starting screen, you will see the list of these roads and how many battles you need to win to finish each one. For example, the original SF path offers four fights, while the latest Street Fighter V is arguably the longest with 15 matches. Before you begin, you can also adjust the difficulty level and the number of rounds you want to play.

The characters vary depending on the path you select. The cast remains faithful to the installment you chose. That means that you can only pick the fighters that were available in the respective releases. That might require you to master the combat with at least several characters to complete all the paths available.

However, that is not everything that you can expect. There will be an occasional appearance of Bonus Levels where you need to break some barrels within a time limit. You will have help from an AI-controlled fighter that will try to keep the barrels so that you can hit them in time.

Aside from that, each time you successfully win a battle you will be offered to choose the next opponent. That means that you can increase the difficulty between fights and earn more points for the ranking. Each month a winner with the highest score will be pronounced. He will receive a unique title to brag to his friends, but there is still no information whether there will be any rewards.

Finally, Capcom prepared us a real treat for the end. We are talking about endings as there are 200 possible outcomes with beautiful illustrations. Some of the finishes have specific objectives which don’t include just completing a path so it might be tricky to unlock them all.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will be available as a free upgrade for all of them who already bought the game and as a stand-alone release for those who are planning to purchase it.

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