Stranger Things 3: The Game Is the Next Sequel to the Franchise

Stranger Things 3 Game Sequel

The first Stranger Things game was released in 2017 and it had solid success. It wasn’t a huge project as BonusXP, an indie developer, was behind it, but the fans were pretty satisfied with the final outcome. As the studio announced, we will soon get the chance to play Stranger Things 3: The Game.

If you think that it is weird that number three is in the name despite this being the only second installment, there is a perfectly good explanation for this. The upcoming release will follow the events happening in the third season of the popular Netflix show. This was revealed during The Game Awards last week. You can check out the trailer for the game here:

As expected, we will be seeing a retro design once again as ST3: The Game will feature 16-bit top-down perspective. You will assume control of various characters you know from the show as you take them through the happenings of the third season. Considering that the new episodes have still not been released, we can’t tell you more about the plotline. Even if the developers wanted, they probably couldn’t either as it has to be kept a secret until Netflix officially releases the season.

It is a safe bet that we can expect a lot of new troubles in Hawkins, a small town attacked by the Upside Down dark creatures. If you ever watched an episode of Stranger Things, you know that the show is an homage to the ‘80s and the horrors made at the time. I guess that makes it understandable that game developers also went with the retro design then, although it is a convenient way to justify why they didn’t take the tricky road of modern graphics.

It is, however, certain that the gameplay will be more complex and rely more on actual happenings in the show. Not only you will probably control multiple characters, but each of them is expected to have moves and abilities suitable to their personality.

Polygon emphasizes that there is no exact release date for Stranger Things 3: The Game, but they seem pretty certain that the date will match the release of the third season of the show which was announced for 2019.

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