Stranded Sails

Stranded Sails Is a Pirate-Themed Game about Surviving on a Tropical Island

The fact that thousands of players loved Stardew Valley inspires developers to upgrade that idea and create their formulas to make new great games. Lemonbomb Entertainment is one of those studios, and they are developing Stranded Sails. The game combines the SV theme with pirates, which sounds like an intriguing combination.

According to the details revealed online, you will only be able to play the game in single player. Stranded Sails will be a farming title set in an open world. Everything starts when you end up shipwrecked on an unknown island. You will be playing the ship’s captain child (you can choose between a male or female character) with the goal of making a new ship so that you can return to civilization.

The process of constructing the ship will take time, especially since you also have to consider how to survive in the meantime. That is why you need to establish a village, as well as collect resources and grow crops to keep everyone fed and happy. The latter is crucial because you need someone to take care of your farms while you go on exploration expeditions.

The island you are on is a part of a big archipelago, and you can use a small boat to travel to other islands within it. That will enable you to uncover new resources, as well as treasures and tools. However, you are human, and you only have limited energy, so make sure to watch that energy bar.

Ample Focus on the Story

Stranded Sails should be a game heavily inspired by the plotline. You can expect many quests to complete, as well as secrets to solve. Maybe the islands you are on are cursed, and you meet some supernatural creatures along the way.

While reading all these features, we realized that the game could be a true gem. However, there is a “small” condition that the authors manage to transfer these ideas into reality the way they meant.

Stranded Sails will have separate releases on PC and Switch. According to the Steam page, we can expect the game in the next several months. There is no information about the price at the moment.

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