Stellaris Has an Official Release Date for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Stellaris Console

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of strategy games and fans of Paradox Interactive, the studio has provided us with an official date for the release of Stellaris on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This grand strategy gem is set to appear on consoles on February 26th. Let us remind you that PC players have had almost two years to play this game since it was released on this platform in 2016.

The reviews were great, and the players received the game well, although everyone was aware of a couple of problems here and there. The developers used this period to iron out the issues and try to make the playing experience better than on PC. As a result, we have a YouTube trailer that shows the tour of the galaxy now available.

From the trailer, it is obvious that the movement was altered, which significantly improve game flow and that is something players will certainly appreciate. There are other changes intended to improve the overall experience in what was officially named Stellaris Console Edition.

In case you are already a player of the game, you will appreciate the information that it seems to be version 1.8 coming to PS4 and Xbox One. In other words, Paradox decided to avoid the changes made to the PC 2.0 version which caused a lot of controversy in the community.

The default story will gradually be expanded with DLC packs that will be available after the launch. Aside from the story, other aspects of gameplay will be modified by DLC, too. In fact, some of the packs will be available as soon as the game releases. If you decide to purchase the Deluxe variant of Stellaris: Console Edition, you will get the Utopia expansion and Leviathans Story and Plantoids Species DLC.

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