Steam Will Release Over 6,000 New Games in 2017

Steam Games

The number of released games on Steam in 2017 will increase to over 6,000 by the end of 2017. That means that Valve’s platform will see a whopping increase of 40% compared to 2016. Steam has been having incredible success over the last couple of years. The numbers from 2017 already exceeded the total annual release in 2015, while 40% of the total number of games in the platform’s library was launched in 2016 only.

There were 4,207 games released on Steam in 2016. Despite the fact that it was a record and a considerable increase compared to the year before, the platform already saw an even more prominent number of games released this year. Although the first estimate was that it would go over 5,000 by the end of the year, even the data analysts were surprised when the launches surged, and they are now expected to go over 6,000.

What’s the Secret of Valve’s Success?

The answer is Steam Direct, the new feature that significantly eased getting games published on Steam. The previous tool used was Greenlight, but Direct came as a substitute in June. The process is transparent – a publisher sends Valve specified digital paperwork. Based on that, Valve assesses your business and other details. After a short review period in which they make sure the game has basic functionality. And then, your game hits the virtual shelves.

The best indicator of how successful Direct is the statistics that Daniel Ahmad, a data analyst, published on Twitter. He claims that 1,300 new games have launched since it first appeared in June. That’s not to say that Valve is allowing everyone to publish their games on Steam. In fact, they recently removed a studio that was accused of launching fake releases.

Steam Releases Each Year

However, there is one big problem remaining for this internet storefront. There are many high-quality games, but there are also simple and low-quality releases not worth of gamers’ attention. But with the number of available games increasing, it’s hard to find a first-class gem unless the publisher has a lot of resources to invest into marketing. It’s becoming hard for the platform to separate the good content from the bad and that is something where Valve’s focus is asked in the future.

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