Doom, and Prey on Discount during Steam Halloween Sale

Steam Halloween Sale

Our favorite digital platform Steam prepared a Halloween sale with deals as cute as candy!

As you can see on their official website, dozens of games and movies are available on discount during this particular time of the year. The focus is on horror, and it’s horrifyingly fantastic how much you can save on spooky titles. Here are some of the most notable games available on Halloween sale:


The winner of the best action game in 2016 and the release that rebooted the franchise is available with 33% discount, lowering its price to $20. If you are up for a first-person shooter filled with powerful guns, wicked demons, and high-paced action, you won’t find many better games than Doom.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

The incredible mixture of RPG and action got incredible positive reviews. Although it was released over a decade ago, Vampire Bloodlines is still considered one of the gems of the horror genre. You can now get it for as low as $5 thanks to the 75% holiday discount.

The Evil Within

With the sequel recently released by Tango, now might be the right time to get the first part of the series for $10. The Evil Within is a survival horror that was created by Shinji Mikami, who was the mastermind behind the Resident Evil franchise. We don’t think you need more convincing to try this phenomenal game than that. If you’re looking to get into the franchise, now that The Evil Within 2 has been released, this is a perfect time.

We just mentioned some of the titles included, but the entire collection climbs to over 50 games, including horror VR releases, such as Arizona Sunshine, Don’t Knock Twice, and The Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul.

Movie lovers can also look forward to the holiday package as more than a dozen of titles is on discount on Steam during the holiday. That includes classics such as The House on the Haunted Hill and American Psycho, as well as newer releases like Saw and Cube.

The only thing left for you to do is to make the selection of your favorites and make sure to finish the purchase before November 1 (10 AM PT), which is when the Steam Halloween sale expires.

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