More Than 30 Million Users Are Now Using Steam in China

Steam in China

Good news is coming for Steam from China. Thanks to smart business policy, this platform now has over 30 million registered users in this country. It is believed that the popularity first happened when Dota 2 was introduced to the Chinese market. This was the explanation offered by Daniel Ahmad who emphasized that D2 was just the beginning. Ever since then, Steam has introduced special pricing and payment options that are localized, as well as games adjusted for the local market.

This has led to the Chinese development studios succeeding and boosting their sales on Steam.

“For example, a game called The Scroll of Taiwu is among the best selling games on Steam. Recently, the most popular game is Chinese Parents, which is centered around having a family, raising a child and sending it to college,” said Ahmed.

The interesting thing is that TSOT managed to achieve 600,000 sold copies even though it is only available in simplified Chinese.

The State Council of China actually decided to recommend adjustments that will facilitate easier game development studios, as well as internet cafes. There is a doubt that the regulations make things tricky in China, but this has been deemed as a step in the right direction. Furthermore, it is a way to secure that Chinese developers will be motivated to create new releases.

You might remember that the Chinese government recently froze approving new games, but according to statistics, that hasn’t led to the players looking for games less. On the contrary, the growth trend is still noticeable, although the rate has decreased compared to before. The titles that appeared prior to the freeze are still having great success and it seems everyone is looking forward for the authorities to start approving games again. When this happens, we can probably expect the numbers to further increase.

The authorities that have prevented approval of new games has hit all studios, but the biggest one has suffered the biggest low. Tencent had announced that they aim to become a competition to Valve, but from the beginning of the year, their shares have gone down for about 40%. In other words, Tencent’s market value dropped more than $230 billion.

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