Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 Looking for a Publisher and 2019 Release Date

Have you had the chance to play the Starpoint Gemini series developed by the indie studio Little Green Men Games? The exciting combination of action and RPG has been around for years now, and the developers revealed that we could expect Starpoint Gemini 3 to be released in2 019.

You will be playing as Captain Jonathan Bold, an experienced space traveller known by great humour. In the trailer, we can see his talk to a computer that runs his space vessel, which seems kind of fun. You can expect an intriguing plotline, but also some cool new additions.

That includes non-playing characters that will be animated in 3D. That is a step forward for the studio and the Starpoint Gemini franchise. Aside from meeting NPCs, you will get the chance to talk to them, which should add depth to the story. You can see a glimpse of this in the trailer, too.

As for exploring the space, which probably interests you the most, the game offers two planetary systems outside Gemini. You will be able to visit different locations, including pubs with shady bartenders and even shadier customers, as well as other facilities.

The developers emphasize that we can expect dogfighting with plenty of action, but we haven’t seen that in the trailer. We love the idea of space combat, but we are cautious until we see how everything works.

Even though Little Green Men Games are an indie studio, they are trying to make the game as deep as possible. When it comes to replay value, the fact that you will get the chance to play “encounter quests” is something that should entice the players to play again and again.

If you check out the Steam’s page of Starpoint Gemini 3, you will find that there is no pricing information. That is probably because the studio is still looking for a publisher. Once they find the company willing to partner with them, we can expect an exact release date, as well as more info about the price.

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