Star Wars Battlefront 2 Open Beta

Everything You Should Know About Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta

Star Wars fans got their Christmas gift earlier this year as Electronic Arts opened SW Battlefront II beta to all interested players until October 9 at 12 PM ET. After enabling early-access to those who pre-ordered the game, the open beta became available on October 6 across all three platforms – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Features

There are a couple of vital things you need to know about the beta version of the upcoming release. First of all, it features a total of four modes, including:

  • Galactic Assault – features 40 players divided into two teams, one featuring Separatist droids and the other Clone troopers. Cooperation is the key factor to bring your team to victory. Only one map is available during the beta – Naboo: Theed.
  • Starfighter Assault – a total of 24 players, fight for domination in space. The beta will feature pilot hero Ships from original, prequel, and new trilogies, as well as three starfighter classes that are entirely new.
  • Strike – no heroes take part in this mode that is based on classes. Depending on the type you choose, you will have a unique ability, and you need to work with your team to fulfill the objectives given. Takodana is the only available map in the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta
  • Arcade – the only offline mode featured in the unfinished version of the game. Can be played by maximum two players and the one map available is Naboo. If you play alone, you will battle multiple waves of enemies. But if you choose to play with a friend, you can play team battle with both allies and enemies controlled by AI.

SW Battlefront II Open Beta PC Requirements

Electronic Arts tried to offer as much content as possible in the open beta, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the download is massive. It will take a considerable portion of space on your PC, but you should also think whether you have the needed requirements to play it. Battlefront II will deliver fantastic graphics that will push computers to their limits. Take a look at the recommended and minimum specs for the game.

The Old BFII Restored Its Online Multiplayer Support

In other news, Star Wars fans were thrilled that GOG restored their online multiplayer support for the SW Battlefront II game developed by LucasArts in 2005. They also announced that cross-play is now available on Steam and GOG, which should speed up the process of finding a company to play.

The servers for the old game were shut down in 2014, but the multiplayer support was brought back by popular demand. So, if you can’t play new game’s open beta version, think about getting the original title for as low as $10 on Steam. It should be a great temporary replacement until the remake of Battlefront II hits the stores.

Star Wars BF II will be released on November 17, 2017, all over the world. The current price for the standard edition is $59.99, while the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition is sold for $79.99 on Origin. If you’re a big Star Wars fan and you’re enjoying the mobile games, check out our review of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes by clicking here.

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