Star Traders Frontiers Mobile

Star Traders: Frontiers Coming to Mobile Phones Next Week

It has been about six months since PC players got the chance to play Star Traders: Frontiers. The surprising gem of the sci-fi adventure genre that has hundreds of positive reviews is available on Steam for $14.99. The developers now confirmed that their game would be released on Android and iOS soon, too.

The exact release date is set to be January 30th, but there is no indication on how different the game will be from its PC version. Trese Brothers, the company behind the game, has been dedicating a lot of time to updating Star Traders: Frontiers on PC with no less than 130 updates made so far.

The game is a weird mixture of RPG, sci-fi, and adventure set in space where you assume the role of a fleet’s captain. In the beginning, you will get to pick the desired career type, which will affect your style of play. There are more than 20 career paths available, and each can affect the playing experience with its positives and downsides. Some of the options are becoming a spy, bounty hunter, merchant, explorer, and even a space pirate.

Become a Space Captain

The game will give you a spaceship and an option to perform a bunch of upgrades. You need to put the crew under control, as well as strengthen them to prepare them for battle and galaxy exploration. The combat is turn-based and features battles between two spaceships in which you will need to be tactful to secure a win. Star Traders: Frontiers also allows you to focus on economics and politics. Nurturing relationships with various factions and establishing a reputation in the galaxy will be one of your tasks, too.

Star Traders Frontiers Gameplay

The storyline features intriguing characters and exciting quests. During the playthrough, you will often have to choose, but these choices can have long-term consequences and affect the narrative significantly.

The rich storyline combined with plenty of things to do is what made Star Traders: Frontiers an amazing game. It remains to be seen which features will be moved to the mobile version, which should cost $6.99.

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