The Spring Update to Breathe Life into Minecraft’s Waters

Minecraft Update Aquatic

Minecraft is a unique and incredible game that has remained as one of fan favorites for years. One of the reasons for that is that the developers are trying their best to listen to the community and make necessary adjustments. The gamers have been talking about how the in-game waters could have much more variety. At this point, the only motivation to dive is to raid a monument in the middle of the ocean or construct an underwater base. However, the creators are working on an Aquatic update that will breathe life into Minecraft’s waters.

Coral Reefs, Dolphins, Treasures and Much More

The details of the new update were revealed during the Minecon Earth event. The creators announced that they plan to divide the oceans into biomes. Depending on the water temperature, you will encounter various corals, fish, and other sea creatures. The authors are also implementing the option to create a massive aquarium in your base. You will be able to use a bucket to catch the fish and transfer them to your headquarters.

Minecraft Waters

The oceans will also hide treasures. As you explore them, you will encounter icebergs and shipwrecks that can prove as precious locations. You can use dolphins to navigate to the wrecks – you just need to follow their leaps!

Are You Ready for an Enchanted Trident?

The Aquatic update also brings trident as a new weapon. Aside from using it for melee attacks, you can even throw them at the enemy. If you do the latter, you will spear the opponent, but you will give up the trident forever. However, there is a trick that will make it come back to you. You can use a boomerang-like enchantment to make the weapon return to you. That is what will make the trident useful in any given situation.

You can take a look at these and other features that will come in the future fix in this YouTube video. We particularly loved the new physics that improved the interaction of the water with fence posts and stabs. It looks impressive and much more realistic!

We can also expect a new foe that will come in the form of a flying stingray. It’s a fan’s choice, and the twist is that it senses insomnia, which means that it will attack you if you spend some sleepless nights.

Minecraft Aquatic Update will be available in spring 2018.

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