Spider Man Silver Lining DLC

The Third and Final Spider-Man Expansion Available Next Week

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an amazing hit on PlayStation 4 and it turned out to be a great move to make this game a console exclusive. You probably already know that the additional content for the game is being released gradually and we are now only a week away from the last DLC planned (at least for this year).

According to the announcement, the expansion is set to arrive on 21st December. It will be called Silver Lining and it will be ready right in time for the festive season. Insomniac revealed that the final part of it’s The City That Never Sleeps trilogy will focus on Silver Sablinova, better known as Silver Sable, who is a mercenary and Spider-Man’s partners on certain occasions.

“Sable International Technologies was stolen from her and she now wants to return it,” reveals the official announcement. Yuri Watanabe, the Chief of New York Police, is on administrative leave after what happened with Hammerhead, and the situation on the streets is not great. Spidey will have to react in time and form unlikely partnerships so that the city can be kept safe.

What Does the DLC Bring?

When it comes to the content you can expect in Silver Lining, there will be additional missions, fresh challenges, as well as new enemies. As an added bonus, you can also try three new suits. The suit from the animated Into the Spider-Verse will be available, as well as Aaron Aikman and Cyborg variants, which promises great fun in new outfits.

The community, however, reacted negatively as it seems that Insomniac missed one costume a lot of people were expecting. It is the Raimi suit which was apparently the desire of many. Insomniac even replied to one of the comments implying that they “said they were listening” and revealed that “listening doesn’t mean it will always act or follow.”

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