South Park Phone Destroyer Review: Top-Notch Humor in an Adequate Game

South Park Phone Destroyer

It has been 20 years since South Park TV show first aired. The creators want to celebrate this milestone adequately, and that’s why they have some surprises in store for us. After the release of The Fractured but Whole for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Ubisoft has delighted mobile gamers with a title based on the famous franchise. South Park Phone Destroyer is a freemium title that you can download for Android or iOS via their respective app stores. But the big question we will try to answer is whether it is worth your while.

Are You a Cowboy or an Indian?

Everything starts with an intro video where we find out that the gang we know and love needs a company to play Cowboys VS Indians. That’s why Cartman decides to give a call to you, the new kid in town. It’s only polite to answer (although you have the option to decline) and accept the invitation to play. That will take you to a short tutorial where you will find out that SP Phone Destroyer is a card fighting game.

You might explain it as South Park-themed Clash of Clans, but the truth is that it’s far from that. The authors tried their best to include that familiar show humor that doesn’t spare anyone. From the very start, you should be prepared for sleek language, some dirty words, and insults. For example, after only a minute, the game calls you a phone addict wittily and provocatively.

The Game Respects Gender Equality

In the beginning, you need to create your character. You can choose the gender of The New Kid, as well as its skin color, hair, clothes, and some accessories. The game then takes you to a tutorial where it explains the basic gameplay mechanics. You have a deck of cards available, and you use dragging to send each of them to the playing field.

South Park Phone Destroyer Gameplay

There are multiple classes available, and each one can perform better against specific enemies. For example, you can use swift moves of the Bandita Sally to counter the opponent’s archers. These classes add the element of strategy to the game, but you shouldn’t expect particular complexity. Pay attention to the meter in the bottom left. You start with ten available energy points, and you spend some of it on each card you call into battle, but the good news is that the gauge is continuously refilling.

Hilarious Single Player Campaign Included

South Park Phone Destroyer features a single player campaign with multiple episodes split into 25 stages each. You don’t have a stamina meter, which means you can play as much as you like. The levels are not long, and they are all similar. You find yourself on the town streets facing various opponents, and the winner is the last man standing.

South Park Phone Destroyer Cards

You are playing for the Cowboy team, and your archenemy (in most cases) will be Stan of Many Moons. However, you will also be able to play characters such as Grand Wizard Kartman, Ninjew Kyle (they spared no one), Cyborg Kenny, etc. The creativity of the show authors never came into question, and it’s nice to see they were at their best in some moments of this game.

It’s High-Paced Action, but You Are Not a Part of It

The game is a mix of various genres, including action, strategy, and card collecting. The events on the screen unfold at a high pace, and you will need to react quickly to summon the appropriate fighter from the deck to the battlefield. In every stage, new rivals continuously appear until you make your way to the one invoking them and defeat him. While we can’t argue that there is a lot of action, it’s a shame that you can’t take a direct part in it. The New Kid does have the ability to attack, but its contribution to the result of the fight is minor.

Phone Destroyer Gameplay

As for the strategy, it is an excellent twist that there can only be one character inspired by the same hero on the street at the same time. For example, if your opponent is Stan of Many Moons, you can’t play the Stan card from your deck. We also mentioned the mana meter, but apart from that, there is not much strategy involved. However, we believe that the game intends to offer a lot of fun and humor wrapped in an adequate gaming experience. Keeping that into account, we think that Ubisoft managed to strike the perfect balance.

Character Upgrades and Loots

You will get rewards each time you come out victorious from a fight. The game will take you to a screen with eight lockers and ask you to choose three. The problem is that, in most cases, you will open cabinets with coins. It’s only on rare occasion that you will discover a supply card or the one that upgrades your heroes. That can lead to problems after a while because your deck might not be good enough for stronger opponents. On the plus side, boosts do come in the form of supply cards, such as dog poo or fireball.

South Park Phone Destroyer Outfits

Aside from the single-player campaign, there are also PvP battles that take place in real time. They might be exciting the first several times, but there is no actual element of strategy, and it gets boring quickly. The social aspect is also covered with the existence of teams, which can be useful for improving your deck by sharing cards.

South Park Phone Destroyer is an entertaining game. There is no doubt that its selling point is the sled humor based on the TV show. Apart from that, it’s a cute little release that can’t compete seriously in any of the genres. Despite that, if you love the show, there is no doubt that this game is worth trying. At the very least, Cartman and the crew will surely put a smile on your face while you are trying to defeat the Indians!

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