We Will Get to Play Soul Calibur 6 Online Beta Next Weekend

Soulcalibur 6 Online Beta

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners that are fans of fighting games have a good reason to look forward to the upcoming weekend. According to the latest news, they will have the chance to test Soul Calibur 6 in the online beta. The starting time will be 28th September 2018 at 4 PM GMT, while the beta will end on 1st October at 4 AM GMT.

That will give users exactly 60 hours to test the upcoming installment in the long-running fighting franchise.  You will get to play in versus mode against other online gamers that are also testing the game. As expected, the developers will use the beta to iron out the potential issues and listen to the feedback of the community to improve the online experience for the full release. Let us remind you that the full version of Soul Calibur 6 will be available on 19th October for Xbox One, PS 4 and PC.

What Do We Know about Soul Calibur 6?

Although it might not be something you are used to in fighting games, Soul Calibur VI will strongly focus on its storyline. We know so fat that Groh and Kilik will be the main protagonists, but you will also be able to play with several other characters in the primary mode of the game. While we are on the topic of characters, it is expected that the SC6 will have more than 20 playable fighters.

The majority of the roster is filled with familiar faces, such as Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Ivy, and Sophitia. The game will also feature several new characters like Groh, Azwel, and Geralt, who you might know from The Witcher 3. You can find the entire roster here, but keep in mind that Bandai Namco is keeping the names of several fighters a secret. These will be available through DLC packs and we will find out their identity later.

When it comes to gameplay details, aside from ring-out and eight-way running features, players will once again have the opportunity to break the armor, which can be seen in the gameplay trailer. New additions also include the Reversal Edge and the Soul Charge mode, which will give your fighter new abilities for a short period.

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