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Sony Wants To Keep Your PlayStation 5 Faceplates Ugly

Sony Wants To Keep Your PlayStation 5 Faceplates Ugly

Dbrand had to pull out from the PlayStation 5 faceplate market due to Sony threatening to sue them

When it comes to console faceplates opinions differ. Especially when it comes to PlayStation 5 faceplates. Some find the black and white PS5 sleek and great-looking. But others would prefer something different. Perhaps a fully jet-black PS5. Or maybe some army camo designs flowing across their favorite console.

As of Saturday, we lost one of the companies supplying custom faceplates for the users of PlayStation 5. Well, we didn’t lose them per se. But Dbrand pulled out of selling PlayStation 5 “darkplates”. Which was a very nice looking all-black PlayStation 5 faceplate. And it is not hard to imagine that Dbrand was heavily discouraged from making any ventures of this sort in regard to the Sony console. “We’ve elected to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now,” stated Dbrand official account on their Reddit thread Darkplates are dead. Thanks, Sony.”

Dbrand did bait Sony into suing them, so this might be karma coming back to bite them. On the original page which hosted the Darkplate design, Dbrand wrote that they “dare Sony to sue them.”

PlayStation 5 faceplate woes – and other customization stories

Customization options for consoles, controllers, and pretty much any other gamer paraphernalia existed since the dawn of time. Stickers, buttons, the rubber on your joysticks. All have seen amazing artistry from various people who wanted to make some money on the internet. This market is quite profitable, and it runs almost completely off of the backs of brands like Dbrand, or individual sellers.

And Sony seems eager to take our customization away from us while offering no alternative themselves. They already make a lot of accessories related to PS5. Headphones, cameras, a god damn remote. But they cannot sell me some painted plastic so that their product doesn’t mess up the look of my living room?

Furthermore, what issue does Sony take with people selling accessories for PlayStation 5? Sony doesn’t sell them themselves. You need the console to use them anyway. So Sony gets their slice of the pie in a very non-direct manner. But if they want direct profits from PS5 customization then they are welcome to start selling it. Purchases made on the official Sony store would make for a safer way to customize the console anyway. Rather than making purchases from random people from the internet. Maybe they just want to keep their product forever ugly?