Will Sony Support Cross-Play Feature After Fortnite?

Although it seemed impossible up until recently, Fortnite made a cross-console play real. This game is available for cross-play across Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4. It was surprising that Sony finally accepted the implementation of this technology. Many sources confirmed that the company was against it, but Shawn Layden, the Chairman of the Sony Interactive Entertainment World, revealed that they were considering adding the feature for some time now.

“Keep in mind that it is not simple to add the cross-play feature. It is pretty complex and requires a lot of work,” said Layden in the PlayStation Blogcast No.308.

It seems that the reason why Sony was so cautious is that they weren’t sure something like that is doable. It took a while for the developers to check that the messaging systems are compatible with other consoles and that everything would work properly.

“We didn’t plan for this to take so long,” admitted Layden when talking about the feature.

However, the Chairman of SIE also said that it is great that they changed their point of view right around the time when the beta version of Fortnite cross-play became available.

“Since we are still in the testing phase, it means that we are still trying to find the right formula. We hope that Fortnite will prove that everything can work as expected. Once we are convinced in the reliability of this feature, we will consider adding other games, too.”

It remains a huge question whether Sony is ready to continue putting its resources into developing cross-play games. The company may have somewhat adjusted their stance, but it does not seem like they are convinced that cross-play would be a smart business move. However, it remains to be seen whether Fortnite can make them change their minds again, but this is something that only time can tell.

While we are at the topic of Fortnite, let’s mention that the game recently started its season 6. At the moment, the title is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android.

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