What Will Sledgehammer Do Regarding the COD WWII Issues?

Call Of Duty WWII Issues

It has been a bit over a week since the launch of the Call of Duty World War II, but it seems that Sledgehammer should have postponed the release. We are saying that because numerous players were reporting connectivity and other issues that affect the gaming experience. The developers posted an announcement on their official website revealing that they are working hard to deliver improvements as soon as possible.

Sledgehammer admits that “it has been a whirlwind” since the COD WWII was released. However, they also thank the players that they didn’t give up on the game. In fact, they say that “millions of gamers” are enjoying the new sequel each day. If you are one of them, here is the list of changes that the authors are hoping to deliver soon:

  • Getting Disconnected from Server – we can expect a patch in the next 24 hours that will fix this issue on both consoles. According to the developers, they found the root of the problem, and they will repair it shortly. That means that you won’t risk losing your stats if the game disconnects from the srver.
  • Dedicated Servers – the game’s performance was severely affected with the latest update released on Friday. That is why Sledgehammer was forced to transfer from dedicated to P2P servers. The latter one is known for delivering an inconsistent experience, and the developers are aware that they need to return to their original solution soon. According to the announcement, dedicated servers are tested on limited markets at the moment. As soon as they make sure that everything works correctly, the entire community will return to dedicated servers.

What about PC Version of Call of Duty WWII?

Sledgehammer didn’t forget PC owners in their blog post. They politely ask them to wait until they resolve the pressing concerns. As soon as they do that, they will release the next PC update. That might be good news because it might mean that they will have more time for testing, which should (hopefully) prevent any new issues.

While it is a shame to see such a buggy release of a game that might decide to future of the franchise, it’s nice to know that the authors are listening to the feedback from the community. And while it’s a long way until Call of Duty World War II becomes a stable game, it’s nice to see that they are on the right track.

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