Slay the Spire Full Version Available, More Expensive Than Early Access

Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is an indie card game that officially entered Early Access in November 2017. It was immediately clear that the release features a unique idea and an innovative approach. The reviews published on Steam have been overwhelmingly positive, and that best speaks about the quality of the game.

The authors didn’t rush to get this gem out of Early Access. Although they worked on the game and delivered numerous updates in the meantime, it was only this week when Slay the Spire officially received its 1.0 version. There is also a plan for post-launch content, but we will focus on what the game has to offer for now.

In the beginning, you should choose one of two hero characters (you can expect the third one along the way). The ultimate goal is to use deck-building and dungeon crawling skills to climb the Spire, but be ready to meet a bunch of weird creatures on your road to the top.

When picking the cards from the available ones in the deck, you choose which ones to use to attack and which ones to defend pre-emptively. It seems simple, but in practice, it is very complex, especially when you keep in mind the energy and card number limit per round. Fortunately, each battle will yield some cool prizes – extra cards, gold, or a health potion.

Not everything is about combat in Slay the Spire. On the contrary, you will have a map with different roads available. Each post may hide a surprise event, allow you to rest, earn you cool treasure, or give you the opportunity to purchase potions, artefacts, or new cards.

Things Get More Complicated as You Progress

The game is a roguelike, which means that a high level of difficulty is expected, but the fans seem to appreciate this. Managing resources will be tough, especially as you progress through the game and realize the monsters you are facing are becoming more dangerous and tough to defeat.

The coolest things about Slay of Spire is that its gameplay is flawless and the playing experience is amazing. The graphics are wonderful, and the game is filled with freshness and originality. Modders can also express their creativity since the game has mod support.

The additional features in version 1.0 are balance and stability tweaks, as well as trading cards on Steam. If you want to purchase Slay the Spire, the price is set at $15.99, which is more than what the game cost during the Early Access.

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