Skullgirls Mobile Review – Game Modes, Characters, Powers

Skullgirls Mobile Review – Game Modes, Characters, Powers

The fighting genre on the mobile game market seems to be dominated by Injustice and Contest of Champions. However, an indie game that recently appeared threatens to turn the dynamic duo into a great trio of the genre. You might have heard of Skullgirls, a fighting franchise that first appeared on PC in 2012. Now, it hits the Android and iOS app stores, and it hits hard.

A Reminiscence of Better (Fighting) Times

Skullgirls is a 2D fighting game that might even remind you of the famous ‘90s fighters, such as Street Fighter or the original Mortal Kombat. All the animations are hand-drawn, so you might just encounter one of the most polished graphics ever to see on your phone. To make sure that the game goes hand in hand with the newer era and mobile game market, the developers added the RPG element. Skullgirls enables you to collect a bunch of (mainly female) characters that you can upgrade customize in a way to suit your playing style.

The strategy plays an important part in the game, too. Before the game, you can choose blockbusters to use for the upcoming battle and prepare some special moves for the particular opponent you are facing. Aside from that, you can select a team of maximum three fighters. The characters are divided into five different elemental categories – earth/water/fire/light/dark. The system the game applies is the so-called rock/paper/scissors, where each of the elements is better when facing certain categories and worse when facing others. All that makes finding the right combination a hard task sometimes, but it’s what makes the game challenging.

A Handful of Game Modes to Train and Fight

The primary mode of the game is the Story, where you need to look for the Skullgirl before she manages to end the New Meridian. The narrative is pretty loose and is only there to take you through the chapters, so you shouldn’t expect a genuinely complex plot. Aside from that, you can also compete in daily events that are character-related, as well as participate in prize fights, which are something that reminds of PvP battles that can unlock new characters. There is also a training arena where you can perfect your combos and other fighting skills. You might need this to work on the synergy of your team, as well as practice how to affect most damage to the enemies.

skullgirls mobile gameplay

The battle is by far the best part of Skullgirls. What it does better than the other games of the genre is that it gives you more option of strategy. You have a wide variety of choices to connect your combos and conduct different attacks. The controls are easy – tap for a basic attack, swipe for regular offense, and hold both sides of the display to perform a block. However, add throwing, air juggling, and leg sweeps to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a game that won’t get repetitive for a long time.

Final Words

Skullgirls hits the sweet spot when it comes to what fighting fans like to see in a game of the genre. The complexity of the moves you can perform during the battle makes this a fun and addictive game, while the upgrading system and the strategy elements will make it hard to leave your phone once you start playing. Make sure to give Skullgirls a shot; it is worth it!

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