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Skull & Bones Looks Like Naval Parts of AC: Black Flag, And I’m Down For It


Upcoming "pirate simulator" Skull & Bones offers a breath of new air into the gaming industry

Tom Henderson revealed some new information about Skull & Bones via Twitter. It is an upcoming game with no release date. The gameplay focuses on managing a pirate ship on the open waters of the Indian Ocean. The game is open-world, and you get to walk around some safe heavens and cities to talk to NPCs. But the focus seems to be on naval exploration and combat.

We start out the story as virtually a nobody, a pirate with a small raft and a dream. You earn reputation by doing odd jobs, make money by doing quests, and eventually, you can upgrade your ship. With the end goal of becoming the scourge of the seven seas. To build a ship you need to secure a blueprint, available at the aforementioned cities and heavens. And then you will need resources like wood and various metals.

Size absolutely matters in Skull & Bones

There appear to be 5 different size categories of ships. Starting with small, followed by medium, and so on. And they are also split into 3 categories which are Crago, Combat, and Exploration. Every ship blueprint comes with a pre-set number of cannons. Which directly affects how much havoc can you wreak in combat. But the smaller ships have the advantage of being nimble, fast, and well, being small. When an enormous ship engages such a vessel, one option is to enter a river or just flee along the coast. In such a scenario, that big boat gets beached, and the small one gets away scot-free.

While cannons are your primary means of combat, there are secondary customizable options too. Ballistae, flamethrowers, mortars, and more can be attached to your ship. All of those weapons can also be upgraded and outfitted with different types of ammo, providing varying benefits. Other upgrade options are available too, such as storage boxes to increase your ship’s capacity, or armor to increase your combat prowess. And most important of all, you can show off your swag. Purely visual customization options are said to be vast.

Questions still remain about this project

Naturally, not everything is crystal clear at the current time. Will this title be online-only, for example? Henderson stated that it looks to be a Player vs Player vs Environment, type of scenario. With 8 factions that are at each other’s throats, populated by both AI and players. But will there be additional modes? Or a single player of sorts for those who just want to chill out, sail, and sing some shanties? And what about other types of combat, will we get sabers and rifles? And when does the game actually release? Those questions are yet to be answered, but this is not the last time we’ll hear about Skull & Bones. So stay tuned for more news about this project made by Ubisoft.