Shroud of the Avatar

You Can Play Shroud of the Avatar for Free Now

If you are a lover of MMOs, you are probably familiar with the Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. It seems that the developers are trying to invite more players into the game since they decided to make it free to play.

What is intriguing is that this change doesn’t come long after the full version was released. Shroud of the Avatar was officially released in March, although it had been in the Early Access phase on Steam for four years before that.

According to Portalarium, the studio led by Richard Garriott, they are very excited about this change.

“We hope that we will see a bigger group of players attracted to our game. There are almost no restrictions in terms of gameplay for players that want to play Shroud for free. You are able to purchase and be the owner of the land, as well as participate in trade deals. Furthermore, you can also choose to play the complete in-game story with absolutely no restrictions,” said Garriott.

To make a long statement short, the point is that you do not have to buy the game to properly taste how it feels like to play Shroud of the Avatar.

Other Update Features That You Should Know

Yes, you can now play the game for free, but those that have played it before will also experience some changes. The user experience is “overhauled” while the players will not get them familiar with the in-game world through a tutorial.

“That is how we want to explain them the basics of the game. The tutorial is segmented and you need to finish one section to move to another. This is a result of relentless work over the last several months and we are looking forward to this update,” said Starr Long, the executive producer of the game.

It is interesting to note that Shroud of the Avatar generated over $12 million in crowdfunding, including the $2 raised through Kickstarter. Despite this, there is no detailed information on the number of playing users since not all of them access via Steam. However, the developers hinted that there are “thousands of gamers” enjoying the game.

If you want to become one of them, all you have to do is visit the Shroud of the Avatar official website.

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