Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a classic. We know it, you know it, and so does everyone else. Since GTA V revisited San Andreas in its own ways, we can’t help but wonder if GTA VI is going to travel back to our beloved Miami. Yes, we do know that this won’t be a remaster, but we still crave the same authenticity or ‘vibe’ from these new titles don’t we? Gamers are, in that sense, perfectionists. So here we are, wondering whether GTA VI should really go back to Vice City or just let it be.

Vice City

I absolutely adore Vice City. I vividly recall the 14 hours I explored through this lively and colorful sin city when I first got the game. Vice City had the glamour, the mood, and the fun. The setting, God, the setting! An absolute beauty underneath its simplicity. I mean look at this image.


It doesn’t have much technical prowess going on but the effortless design will pull your heartstrings more than most RTX-enabled games of today. This is what you call good art design, people!

Should it Happen? And What Are the Chances That it Will

There have been rampant speculations, leaks, and rumors regarding the next GTA, especially in regards to the setting. Miami Vice City, Liberty City, and London are the hot choices right now. Rockstar Games tend to explore various parts of the United States so London seems out of place, albeit an interesting choice. Many theories suggest the setting to be Vice City with a few missions in Rio de Janeiro and Liberty City.

The answer to the question of should Rockstar revisit this gem is tricky. Anyone who has played Vice City and appreciates it knows that this setting is something difficult to pull off. Trust me, Vice City has a lot of factors, big and small, that culminate towards it being the most memorable and cherished setting in the GTA series. I am talking the lights, the music, the style, the culture, the 80’s life, the people and the nights, etc. Not to mention, Vice City is the only location from GTA’s 3D Universe/GTA III Era to not appear in any future games. So as it stands, we have seen Vice City just once.

Vice City was a smaller landscape compared to other GTA titles. Not to say that it didn’t work, it surely did but even then, there is always room to include more. More scenic roads, clubs, planes that can be piloted, exotic cars, and neon lights are few ways that would elevate the experience.


If you were to revisit it, you’d have to make sure it’s all there. Sure, GTA V had references to San Andreas but that’s all it was: references. You could visit Grove Street in GTA V but the disconnect of different time periods overrides the nostalgia. Similarly, if GTA VI restricts itself to mere references and allusions then it wouldn’t be meaningful. If it’s Vice City, it has be to at least during 80s or near that period. Though obviously not confirmed, certain info hints that GTA VI will take place sometime after the events of Vice City. Let’s hope it’s true but until then, we’ll just have to let time do its part.

Imagine this:


And the radio has this on:

Maybe it Shouldn’t Happen?

The counter-point. Remember Half-Life 2? Of course you do. Half-Life 3 has been awaited and hyped to the point that the next game in the series (Alyx for now) has to stand alongside Half-Life 2, considered the best game of its generation or even of all time.

GTA Vice City holds a somewhat similar status. It is the best GTA to date with San Andreas a close second. For the fans, the task of bringing back the Miami experience is a matter of high stakes. You can’t help but think: what if it doesn’t work? What if our vision doesn’t come out picture-perfect? It would suck to remain in the nostalgia of the lost years. Maybe Vice City worked precisely because of its simplicity.

Furthermore, the whole Mafia scene can seem rather saturated and overdone at this point. There are novels upon movies upon games dealing with organized crime and mob hysteria. Also, which inspirations will Rockstar take besides Scarface this time?

Greetings from Vice City

Considering everything, I still vouch and hope for GTA VI to revisit Vice City. It’s a high-risk high-reward scenario but the player is Rockstar Games, and in Rockstar we trust. Yeah, the whole Mafia scene can seem saturated to many but the right execution can still make it appealing. GTA dabbles with crime anyway and Rockstar Games are masters of that genre. Hopefully we’ll have the GTA VI announcement soon and then…drive at the beach during nights with neon lights!

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