Shenmue III Gets a New Trailer That Shows Gameplay and Combat

Shenmue 3 Gameplay Trailer

Can you believe that it has been almost four years since Shenmue III was officially announced? If you are a fan of the franchise, the chances are you have been waiting a long time for a new release and fresh information about it. The developers took their time and faced some problems in the process, but the release date of August 27, 2019, has now been confirmed. You should take that with a pinch of salt, however, since the game was delayed no less than two times up to this point.

YS Net is working hard on developing Shenmue III, which enabled the publishing company Deep Silver to unveil a new trailer of the game. In the fresh footage, we can check out how the newest instalment in the series looks like, and we can say it cleans up quite good.

The creators weren’t cheap, and they provided more than 150 seconds of gameplay footage, including combat. The trailer doesn’t start well for Ryo Hazuki, who the fans of the franchise surely know. He is on the floor and Ling Shenhua, a mysterious female, is kneeling beside him. You can also notice a guy that dares to mock Ryo, and we can only assume he is the villain in the game. With that helmet-like hair, he cannot be a good guy.

The next portion of the trailer discusses the Phoenix Mirror. Ryo follows the leads until he meets up with somebody who knows his father. Without any further information, the battle starts. You could say that it reminds of arcade classics, such as Virtua Fighter.

If you are not familiar with the Shenmue franchise, perhaps now is the right time to play the first two instalments. Although it was an exclusive Dreamcast release at the time, Shenmue I & II were released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in August 2018. It seems that Sega and d3t did a great job with the port as it received positive reviews from the community.

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