Shadow of the Colossus Review

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It’s hard to believe that the first version of the Shadow of the Colossus appeared in 2005. Let’s skip all those jibber jabber about how we are getting old and reminisce that it was a brilliant game. It pushed the limits of PlayStation 2 to the max, and it was incredibly creative and innovative at the time. It was released for PS3, too, but it’s the latest PlayStation 4 remake that caught everyone’s attention. That is entirely understandable because we finally got the chance to play this beautiful game in 4K.

Wander around with Wander

In case you are not familiar with the story of a release that has been part of three sequential PlayStation platforms, allow us to introduce you to Wander. He is a guy that came to a mysterious land with his horse named Agro. His goal is to find a cure for a girl who is dying or sick. Wander goes into the Shrine of Worship where a voice (of God?) tells him that the girl’s life can be saved. However, he will need to kill the 16 colossi in exchange.

That pretty much sums up the details you have at the beginning. After that opening sequence, Shadow of Colossus puts Wander, armed with a bow and an enchanted sword, into the open world of the mysterious land. You have a map that you can use, and navigation is simple. However, if you want to find the Colossus that you need to face, you need to pick up your sword. That is how you will see the direction where your next enemy is waiting.

Beware, Colossuses are Colossal!

We guess that can’t be considered a surprise. Although you can access the entire map, in the beginning, you need to deal with the Colossuses in a particular order. Each of the opponents was designed carefully, and the developers seemed to have found inspiration in known mythological creatures. Once you see them, your task is to discover their weak points and hit them there. That won’t always be an easy task, but some hints can help you in case you ever feel stuck.

Shadow-of-The-Colossus-GameplayWhen you are not dealing with these creatures, Shadow of the Colossus allows you to explore to map. You can look for lizard tails that can improve your power and grip, collect fruit that can enhance your health, as well as discover shrines where you can save your progress. The new remake also brings some unique collectibles, but I will let you find out them on your own.

Control Scheme Revamped

It’s not that we didn’t like the control scheme present in the original PS2 game. For those that are nostalgic and eager to use it, they can choose the classic scheme in the settings. However, the modern plan of movement and controls works better and ensures everything runs smoothly. For example, now you can jump by merely pressing X, or roll using the O button. We can’t argue that makes things more comfortable than having an “action” button.

Gameplay improvements are also noticeable in the latest remake. The original Shadow of the Colossus made climbing on a creature especially tricky because of the camera movement, but the remake irons this issue out. Also, Wander is now a lot better when it comes to aiming with the bow. Although you can attribute some of this to the advancement in technology, there are still some problems with the camera. They mainly occur when you are exploring tight spaces as you might get stuck and forced to reload.

It Looks Beautiful!

We are delighted that we can play games that we used to love in 4K. As for Colossus, it just looks darn fantastic whether you play it on PlayStation 4 Pro or regular PS4. It doesn’t matter which option you choose as the in-game world has never looked this good. However, if you want to use the benefits of technology to the max, we suggest pairing PS4 Pro with an Ultra HD TV.

Graphic details are everywhere, and that will become apparent from the moment you enter the Shrine of Worship. The level of commitment the authors showed (thank you, Bluepoint Games!) will make you go off-road so that you can enjoy the scenery. Although some new collectibles were added, it still feels that there could have been a bit more things to find and collect. However, you won’t be sorry that you explored the beautiful desert or enjoyed the settings of the incredibly lush forests.

Wander Looks Different

It’s been over ten years, and it seems that Wander was reading fashion magazines in the meantime. Jokes aside, the developers decided for some changes when it comes to the main protagonist. He’s not only dressed differently, but his face has changed, too. Agro looks as handsome as always (for a horse), while the Titans are frightening as they should be. You can’t help but admire and fearing them at the same time. Just like you can’t help but feel proud once you manage to defeat them. If you want to take a picture of them falling down, use the photo mode, which is one of the new in-game features.

There’s not much to say when it comes to sound. Everything remained the way we remember it. You can hear your horse galloping, your hero grunting, or just random sounds from the environment. Things pick up once you encounter a creature and the audio nicely contributes to the atmosphere.

PlayStation 4 Deserved Its Colossus

The previous two consoles had its own versions, and the Shadow of the Colossus and PS4 deserved each other. The 4K graphics did a lot of beautiful things for the game. The players that remember and love this release will surely be delighted to see how beautiful the remade world looks. Those who are only hearing for the Colossus for the first time will enjoy an exciting adventure with an intriguing story. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for all the players as this is a game that you must own!


  • The revamped visuals look stunning
  • New collectibles and challenges added to the game
  • A big and wonderful world to explore and enjoy
  • Satisfying and spectacular fights against the various colossi
  • Motion effects that amplify the combat experience


  • Third-person camera is still erratic within enclosed spaces
  • Unforgiving grip system can sometimes be temperamental


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