Anthem Demo Weekend

BioWare Certain the Next Anthem Demo Weekend Will Go Smoothly

It should have been a great weekend for BioWare and Electronic Arts as their new release Anthem had the first VIP demo. Unfortunately, numerous problems occurred and that completely ruined everything for players and developers alike.

The latest news from the studio, however, revealed that the trial would continue during the upcoming weekend. And instead of making it available only to VIP customers, the developers will make the game open for everyone who wants to try it

BioWare is giving their best to reassure fans this time everything will go flawlessly, but the truth is that they are under a lot of pressure. Another weekend of problems will surely affect the final sales negatively.

“Things hadn’t started the way we intended, but we managed to stabilize the servers quickly,” said Chad Robertson on the studio’s website.

Robertson revealed that the team had a lot to learn and that they took the most out of the experience.

“We want all players to enjoy the game the way it was intended. We are working on server performance, infinite load fixes, as well as other bugs.”

Players Complained, BioWare Listened

Those who got the chance to play Anthem this weekend complained about the performance, especially the infinite loading time. That is a particular bug that occurred during the mission loading. The players couldn’t resolve it without restarting the game. While it is understandable that a beta version has certain performance issues, it was almost impossible to properly play the game during the weekend, which is why the community responded negatively.

BioWare emphasizes that many of the fixes were already implemented in the final version that will release in a month. Those additions include adding a social hub that can fit up to 16 players, which is something that the fans demanded.

Another interesting announcement was made by Robertson. He invited everyone to stay tuned until the end of the weekend as the studio will reveal “cool things they will do in the future” on Sunday afternoon.

You can’t help but wonder whether one of them will be making Anthem playable and without bugs until the final release? Okay, we understand that was mean, but we have big expectations from the game, and we hate to see it going through such a terrible beta weekend.

The official release date of Anthem is February 22, 2019. It will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as for PC via Origin.

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