Season 3 of Fortnite Kicks Off – Here Are the Rewards Expecting You!


Dear Fortnite players (including myself), the third season of the Battle Royale game has officially begun on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The latest major update brings an entirely new Battle Pass. It cost 950 V-Bucks (in-game currency), and it features 30 all-new tiers. That means there is now a total of 100 tiers available.

However, the developers Epic Games emphasize that this doesn’t change the time it will take players to complete the Season 3 Battle Pass. The figure is the same as for the previous seasons, and it stands at approximately 100-130 hours depending on your skills.

The new Battle Pass enables you to unlock a bunch of sweet rewards while playing the game. Naturally, the more you play this Battle Royale shooter, the more prizes you will get. The list includes outfits, emotes, gliders, loading screens, and a bunch of other stuff. If you have a Season 2 pass, Epic will thank you by awarding you with no less than five free Season 3 tiers as a bonus for being loyal to their game.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or don’t want to go through the trouble of unlocking everything gradually, you can always use V-Bucks to buy tiers and get unlockables at a quicker pace. Season 3 has a total of 76 items for you to unlock. Perhaps the most intriguing addition is Back Blings. Essentially, this feature will enable you to customize the backs of the in-game characters.

The new patch also brings some other changes, such as the option to play at 60FPS on Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Jetpacks Are Coming!

Fortnite Battle Royale might be the main PUBG competitor on the market. Epic keeps working on the game, and that can be seen in a bunch of updates we have seen lately. We are particularly excited about one item that should be added to the mix soon. I’m talking about jetpacks, which were officially announced with an in-game notification.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that the addition of jetpacks will largely change the gameplay mechanics of Fortnite. If you are cornered by your opponents, you will have another way out. Jetpacks can come in handy in multiple situations, such as reaching the top of the hill in no time. Although there are no details about this addition yet, we expect it to have a real impact on playing instead of just being a cosmetic item.

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