Sea of Thieves Will Be Available with Xbox Game Pass in March

Xbox Games Pass March

If you are a dedicated console gamer, you already know that Xbox Game Pass is a sweet deal you can’t afford to refuse. The latest addition to the lineup of over 100 games that offer unlimited play to monthly subscribers is the Sea of Thieves. We are sure you’ve heard of this highly anticipated online co-op game that will put you in the role of a pirate crew member.

A maximum of four players can board a pirate ship and use it to explore the vast open world. During your travels, you will encounter loot to collects, enemies to deal with and quests to complete. The in-game world is shared, which means there is a good chance you will embark other crews that have the same goals as you. Sea of Thieves will require you to hoist sails, navigate, and steer the ship. However, you can also do crazy stunts like entering the ship cannon and getting fired onto the nearby island for exploration.

One thing is sure – we expect Sea of Thieves to be incredibly fun. Although it will be a part of the March Xbox One Game Pass, keep in mind that you won’t be able to play the game until March 20. That is the official release date worldwide which means you will become a pirate the same day as everyone else.

The Rest of Xbox Game Pass March Lineup

Things do not end there when it comes to the new games becoming available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In fact, Microsoft will be adding seven titles on March 1st to secure that the fun starts with the beginning of the month.

The rise of the Tomb Raider is one of the most acclaimed games that will become available in March. Playing this release is an excellent way to get ready for the release of the new movie starring Lara Croft set to appear on March 16. If you feel like getting scared, we suggest trying Resident Evil Revelations 2. However, if you are looking to spend a relaxing afternoon, Euro Fishing presents an excellent way to do that. Other games on the list are The Final Station, Sonic CD, Oxenfree, and Super Lucky’s Tale.

The current list of available titles with the Xbox Game Pass includes over 100 releases, such as Gears of War 4, Darksiders II, Halo Wars II, NBA 2K17, and many others. Check out the complete list here.

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