Sea of Thieves Hands-on Impressions and Why We Got Our Hopes Up

Sea of Thieves Hands-on Impressions and Why We Got Our Hopes Up

Rare used to make incredible games, what with Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, and other Nintendo hits. However, since Microsoft acquired the studio in 2002, they were mostly working on Kinect releases and remakes. Fortunately, the time when we will see a new IP from Rare is near. Sea of Thieves, co-op multiplayer game that puts you in a role of a pirate, is close to its release.

Arrr! You Ready to Become a Pirate?

The game places you in the role of a pirate roaming the high seas. You are free to roam in any direction you like, plundering and collecting loot on your way. However, no buccaneer can manage without his crew. That is why the game pits four players together in a team, which is an entirely new concept in the online co-op mode.

Sea of Thieves Become a Pirate

Assembling a pirate crew

Yes, you’ve read it right – you will need to work with three other players to coordinate your action on the high seas. You will sail, plunder, and search for buried treasures together. The whole idea might seem a bit weird at first, but it works, and it truly puts coordinating with others as a top priority.

Can You Find the Buried Treasure?

The demo saw the four of us brave pirates on an island in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, one of the developers was leading the team, so he was revealing features of the game on the go. From the very beginning, Sea of Thieves makes you take into account that you are part of a team. Each of us was equipped with a treasure map that leads to a hidden chest. But to enable your teammates to see your map, you need to hold it up.

The real fun began soon as we were roaming the island looking for X marks and trying to recognize the spots from the map. We soon discovered one of the hidden locations, but now we needed to start digging. No, it’s not enough to point the spot, but you have to dig out the treasure, too! There is a radial menu that you can use to access the map, shovel, lantern and some other useful things.

Yay! We Found the Treasure!

We were delighted when we realized we found the treasure, but the question now was how we are going to transport it back to the ship. Add to that the surprise that the chest’s magical features made us dizzy (or drunk, but let’s go with dizzy). The co-op once again proved as the key while we were guiding each other back to the ship.

When we continued our journey, we realized that we had missed one of the treasure boxes back at the island. However, instead of turning back the ship, we came to a creative solution. Why wouldn’t we use the cannons to fire ourselves onto the land? I’ll admit that the leader of our team suggested that, so it didn’t come as a surprise when it worked.

It’s Not All about Plundering

I liked the part where we were collecting the loot, but there was more to the game than just that. Sea of Thieves is an open world (you could say open sea) multiplayer adventure. That means you are not the only crew roaming the ocean. Other teams may appear at any moment and attack your ship to steal your treasure.

Aside from other crews, you can also come across skeletons while you are in the land. As for weapons, there is a cutlass for close range combat and a pistol and rifle if you prefer to shoot from a distance. You should be aware that technology wasn’t that advanced in the time of pirates, which means that you can only shoot once with your weapon before you need to reload it.

Sea of Thieves Fighting Skeletons

Sea of Thieves – Fighting with skeletons

This Could Be the Journey of Your Life

There is only a small portion of things you can do alone in this game and sailing is not one of them. Not only you have to raise or lower the anchor, but you also need to adjust the sails, steer the boat, and keep an eye out for any dangers lurking in the open sea.

Sea of Thieves Ship

The Beginning Of A Journey

Rare has been working on the Sea of Thieves for a couple of years now, and it’s shaping up to be a great game. The release date is not determined, but it is expected during spring 2018. The game will make an appearance solely on Xbox One and PC, but cross-platform play will be supported.

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