Sea of Thieves Arena Mode

Sea of Thieves Will Add an Arena Mode That Reminds of Battle Royale

Rare and Microsoft can truly be proud of the Sea of Thieves. The game has gained a huge fanbase and adequate content updates have contributed to that. We’ve had the opportunity to enjoy various adventures in our pirate life, including joining forces to destroy a ship captained by an angry skeleton and filled with (you’ve guessed it right) angry skeletons.

While it was interesting to destroy a megalodon, it was also nice to see the changes made to the weather, especially when heavy fog and volcanoes were implemented. Now Rare has decided to raise the bar to a whole new level as the next expansion will feature an arena for player versus player fights. The idea is to enable those who are looking for straight action and to get into it without losing time on other game features.

According to Microsoft, the Arena will be added to the Sea of Thieves at the beginning of 2019. And if it reminds you of Battle Royale just a little bit, perhaps it should. The premise is the following – players will join sessions in which the winner will be the one that finds the treasure first. On your way to the reward, you will come across other players and your goal will be to eliminate them from the game.

The game will also add a tavern section where gamers interested to play will gather, but what is more interesting is the addition of a completely new faction. We know the name of the faction since the developers decided to call it Sea Dogs. Aside from that, you can also expect extra rewards and achievements that will be oriented toward the new mode.

Before we get the chance to test ourselves in the Arena, Shrouded Spoils will be released. This is the fourth expansion added to Sea of Thieves free of extra charge. The studio also gifted us Festival of the Damned as a way to celebrate Halloween and maybe even fill the gap between bigger content additions. Either way, we are looking forward to testing these amazing additions as the developers continue to do the right things for the development of the game.

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