Call it a parody, a satire on action/adventure games, or just a funny Grand Theft Auto but Saints Row definitely stands its ground among all other games like it. Saints Row Two and Saints Row: The Third are both, to this day, some of the most bonkers of video games. Now, developer Volition has its Manapult aimed at a Saints Row: The Third Remaster. They are gearing up with Spearsoft for this project. The remaster will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC by May 22nd, 2020.

As it is a remaster, we are looking towards reforged visual effects, polished character models, new features, etc. The city and all of the environments will be resurrected and sparkling with life thanks to a brand new lighting engine. So you can definitely expect Physx, light reflections, and rays to take the front seat! There does seem to be RTX inspiration in this remaster because of additional sources of light as well as structures that work with it to bounce off lights. Now with this remaster, they are definitely aiming to further polish the already exaggerated but awesome style albeit in a visual way. They have also recreated NPCs and with an increase in traffic in-game, Steelport city is set to be livelier than ever before. Also, with the inclusion of 30 DLC pieces (yes, the DLCs also count under the remaster) added as well, we can surely say that this remaster is more than just a simple update. There might be slight enhancements to audio quality and effects while the songs and music are going to be the same.

However, the console ports will be locked to 30 Frames-Per-Seconds whereas PCs will be capable of reaching 60 Frames-Per-Seconds so that might deter some players from buying it.  Also, local split-screen co-op is a feature that won’t be returning in the remaster. Online co-op is there to remain, however.

Developer Volition claims that it was Saints Row: The Third that helped them find the crux of the entire Saints Row series. Naturally, it was this very game that they wanted to go back to, or rather bring back. Saints Row: The Third was released back in 2011 and while it may not be very well remembered, it certainly had an impact on the industry. This game really embodied the essence of craziness and the phrase “over-the-top” while having its narrative well-grounded so as to not fly off the handle too much. Not to mention, the exciting setting and character customization were the best of the series. Saints Row IV, unfortunately, didn’t quite achieve the standard that Saints Row: The Third had left behind.

If you’re someone who is not into remasters but still wants the Saints Row experience, don’t worry as there will be an announcement in 2020 regarding the next game in the Saints Row franchise.

Till then, we’ll revisit Saints Row: The Third with the remaster in May 2020 or go play President in Saints Row IV on Nintendo Switch!

Don’t forget to get the first glimpse of this beast:


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