Founders of Riot Step Away from League of Legends to Work on a New Game

Riot Games Founders

Riot Games had hit the jackpot when they developed the League of Legends. Just that one game secured them enough to transform from a small indie developer to a large studio that has more than 2,000 employees and 20 offices throughout the globe. While LoL is still one of the most played games out there, it seems that Riot’s founders are ready to move on and try to repeat that success with another title.

Are They Preparing the Latest Big Hit?

In the official blog on the Riot Games website, Marc Merill (“Tryndamere”) and Brandon Beck (Ryze) revealed that they are excited to step away from managing the League of Legends and other day-to-day operations and focus more on making new games. However, not many details have been discovered aside from the fact that Beck and Merill are both changing their roles.

They say that it has been over a decade since they founded Riot Games and that they haven’t stopped working on the League of Legends from that moment.

“We spent each day (and night) to discover ways how to improve LoL and provide the best possible gaming experience for all the players out there,” the co-founders claim in their post.

You could first see their expansion in small things, such as ordering some pizzas to feed the team. They continued to grow and their reputable status today brought them a lot of good things.

From Developing to Managing and Back

“We have better capabilities and a broadened reach. E-sports and the League of Legends are now delivered to more gamers than ever before. However, over time we noticed that we spent a huge portion of our time to properly “manage” the company.”

Ryze and Tryndamere say that they want to shift their focus back to providing a fantastic experience for the players because that is what drives them and what they love to do. They emphasize that this would be possible without the incredible and capable leadership team that they have assembled. So they decided to leave the company operations to Nicolo Laurent, Scott Gelb, and Dylan Jadeja, all of which have been a part of the team for a long time now.

“They believe in our mission just like we do. They were an integral part during times when we shaped the vision of our company, as well as its culture and strategy.”

The Wordplay No One (Everyone) Noticed

The full name of the Beck’s and Merrill’s company is Riot Games, which is ironic because they only published a single game. To be precise, they did develop a tabletop release and a portion of small titles, but they remain famous just for the League of Legends.

The gaming community is now looking forward to how the LoL creators can use years of experience in developing this fantastic game to produce even more top-quality releases. There is a theory that their next title will be Rising Thunder, the game that was canceled in 2015 after Riot Games purchased Radiant Entertainment, which was developing it at the time. The other theory is that the will remain in the MMORPG genre and offer a new IP, which would probably bring less risk than the first option.

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