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Riot Fighting Game (Project L) – Is Public Beta Coming This Year?

Riot Fighting Game (Project L) - Is Public Beta Coming This Year?

After almost half a year with no official information or leaks, we finally have a breakthrough! More information on the Riot Fighting Game will be released this November

The Riot Fighting Game, also known as “Project L”, is a fighting game published and co-developed by Riot Games. It will feature characters from League of Legends duking it out Tekken or Mortal Kombat style. What initially sparked a massive wave of hype was the other developer, Radiant Entertainment. The company was acquired by Riot Games to make this fighting game truly unique.

The game is being made in strict secrecy. If it’s still even being made. No new information from verifiable sources has surfaced for 6 months now. Some even doubt the news we received around March of this year.

To catch you up on the latest in this story, in March of 2021 Riot Games, the developer of Project L, sent out invitations. But not just any invitations. A survey was sent out to internet users in the greater Los Angeles area. It featured a series of questions about a variety of fighting games and, weirdly enough, contained a warning that screenshots and recordings of any kind are prohibited. The survey ended with an invitation to a playtest of “something”. Later, select few received word that it will be indeed the Riot Fighting Game that they want to playtest. And those tests took place between April 23 to April 25.

The silence around the Riot Fighting Game broken at last?

We still don’t know almost anything about this project. We know it exists, it was partially playable for at least two years now. Since Riot published some early footage of it during the Riot 10th Anniversary. Then, we have the playtesting. Testing games systems occurs usually after production is at least partially done. The purpose is to tweak and balance the game. In rare cases, a game is thrown out the window at this stage when the end product is not satisfactory to developers.

And now, we finally have some news. Someone started a thread titled “When would the Dev Update be, potentially?” on r/Project_L. One of the head developers of the Riot Fighting Game actually responded. Tom Cannon said that in late November 2021, we will get a developer update on the state of the game. He actually tweeted something similar in May of this year. “Pls do not expect a beta (public or private) any time soon, and def. not this year”, he informs in this thread.

But that raises a simple question, “what about next year”? Think about it. Some kind of playtests ran 6 months ago. This probably means that the game is more or less complete by now. Unless they ran into some SERIOUS snags along the way. I would not be surprised if the beta date is announced during the November dev update. And if that happens, we can expect Project L to be playable in early 2022.