Ride 3

Ride 3 Officially Launches; Promises the Most Exciting Bike Racing Ever

The end of November brought some fantastic news for the fans of bike racing simulations. The third sequel to a popular franchise – Ride 3 – has officially been released for PC, PlayStation 4., and Xbox One.

The first two instalments were extremely successful and Milestone decided to follow the formula and offer more of the same, just better. Ride 3 features over 230 bikes from seven categories and 30 brands. The mixture of brands is modern and historic so that there is something for everyone. The developers ensured to include nine brands and 70 models we haven’t seen so far in this franchise. Naturally, not all the bikes are available at once and you will have to unlock them by playing.

As for the tracks, there will be 30 locations you will race in scattered throughout the entire world. Each of the courses was created with the utmost care and by utilizing drone scanning and photogrammetry technology. The available tracks include supermoto, road, and GP courses that will enable you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the countryside and modern cities.

An entirely new feature is the livery editor. In it, you can pick the desired bike and completely suit it to your preference. You can start from zero and pick a background color, as well as combine an infinite number of effects, designs, and shapes. The goal is to express your exact style with your ride.

A New Take On the Carrer Mode

Once you finish creating your bike, Ride 3 has an entire revamped Career mode for you. According to the authors, there is no linear progressing anymore. Instead, they utilized that system based on volumes which allows you to take part in competitions and races through over 50 magazines. Each of them has a distinct mixture of anecdotes and competitions related to the bike world.

The reviews on the game are mostly positive and the fans seem to be satisfied with Ride 3 all-around. They particularly emphasize the amazing graphics that works perfectly in 4K.  If you are willing to try the game, you can purchase it on Steam for $49.99. There are already several content packs available for the game, but they will cost you a couple of extra bucks.

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