Apex Legends Anti-Cheaters Plan

Respawn Plans to Combat Apex Legends Cheaters; Refuses to Tell How

Apex Legends has hit the 50 million player mark, which is a goal that many games and companies can only dream of despite their efforts. The game was released with as little hype as possible, but it quickly attracted numerous players. The developers did seem to do many things right because the gamers tend to stick around with Apex Legends.

The problem is that attracting that many players also attracted some cheaters. That is why Respawn has clearly mentioned that they plan to launch a big attack on all players that resort to cheating.

The announcement was made by Jay Frechette, the community manager of the Respawn studio. According to his information, more than 350,000 accounts were already banned only on PC. However, this is only the beginning

“We are glad to say that our Easy-Anti-Cheat service functions properly. However, we are aware that it is not enough. The war against cheaters will last and will find a way to adapt and be extremely cautious.”

Frechette emphasized that cheating is something the creators of Apex Legends take very seriously.

“We care to keep the game healthy, which is why we are very serious about preventing cheating.”

It is understandable that he didn’t want to mention anything about how Respawn plans to fight cheaters. We all have to admit that cheaters can be creative, which is why the plan of attack needs to be a secret.

Frechette pinpointed that they are talking to experts in anti-cheating that work for Electronic Arts, but also those that are outside the company.

“We are working on adding a new workforce to our anti-cheat staff. The studio would like you to know that you will soon be able to report cheaters on the PC platform.”

That is something that should hopefully clean the game from cheaters. Although you can come across those who cheat, it seems that the problem Apex Legends is facing is not that huge. Regardless, the Respawn studio wants to be cautious and attack the existing problems.

Apart from that, the developers are working on further improving gameplay experience by fixing bugs and crash issues. Although there are reports about problems with disconnecting from a session, the crashes seem to be a priority.

“If we make reconnecting to a session possible, some players might start abusing that, and we do not want that to happen.”

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