Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Red Dead Online Available from Tuesday – Here Is When You Can Play It

Have you completed the single-player campaign in Red Dead Redemption 2 yet? Rockstar believes that you had plenty of time since they are planning to launch the game’s Online mode in the coming days.  This was announced by Take-Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, in his interview to Gamespot earlier this month.

Zelnick said that the plan is to launch the online version by the end of November and this has now been officially confirmed. Right on time, we would add, as there were only several days left this month. The official start of Red Dead Online is scheduled for tomorrow, November 27th.

We do have to admit that the planned online release is only imagined as a beta. Considering the massive scale of the project, it is only normal that Rockstar will need a while to fix all starting problems, such as connectivity issues and bugs. The company will start inviting the players on Tuesday, but not everyone will get the chance to play immediately. However, Rockstar is a company that has been setting new standards in the gaming industry for years and we do not have a single doubt that they will do a great job.

Who Will Get to Play Red Dead Online First?

As it was expected, those that paid the most money. Players who purchased the RDR 2 Ultimate Edition will be the first one invited into the beta. The official start will be at 8:30 AM EST on November 27th. However, this privilege will only last for a day. Just 24 hours later, the developers are planning to invite all players who played RDR 2 the day it was released.

November 29th is the date when gamers who purchased the game within the first seven days from the release will join. Finally, the plan is to open the beta for all owners of RDR 2 on November 30th.

This seems like a short timeframe to add so many new players to the game, but it seems Rockstar is certain that the issues won’t be so large that they can’t be fixed in a short timeframe. Either way, do not forget to be patient in the first several days of playing. Even the masters of their trade will need some time to optimize server performance and adjust other details.

When it comes to features of Red Dead Online, the players will get the chance to create gangs and enjoy being outlaws together. The maximum capacity per gang will be seven and you can expect plenty of shootouts, challenges, and other events. Each player will get to create its own character for the online version of RDR.

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