Non-Playable Characters Can Shoot and Snitch You to the Law in Red Dead Redemption 2


When it comes to Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems like great news just keeps on coming. We aren’t surprised that Rockstar Games managed to develop an in-game world that almost replicates real life with all those small details that may have huge consequences. That particularly applies to meeting and interacting with non-playable characters that may play a vital role in how the game plays.

For example, in one of the reports of those who got to play the game, it was revealed that you may encounter an old man trying to adjust his animal’s horseshoes. Although your plan is just to pass by, RDR 2 offers several opportunities for interaction. You can choose between greeting him politely or antagonizing him. If you go with the positive approach, he will be equally polite and get up to greet you as well. However, you should be ready for sudden and unpredictable things – the horse may get scared and accidentally kick his owner in the head. That’s what happened to our protagonist Arthur Morgan who approached to see whether the old guy was alive, but he was already dead. It is an incredible level of detail that also speak in favor of the claim that the RDR 2 “hero” doesn’t have good luck even if his intentions are good.

Another of the non-playable characters is a Mexican who was testing his skills at shooting. He revealed upon asking that the only reason he came to America was to find the best marksman. It was obvious that this was set up to be a challenge which Morgan gladly accepted. The two guys competed in who can shoot more bottles in $10. If you lose, you can choose whether you want to pay or not, but keep in mind that the Mexican can get mad and start shooting quickly if you refuse.

Not Even Allowed to Smell Bad

Some other cool additions to the game include snitches who might report you to the sheriff unless you find a way to deal with them. There will also be NPCs who will have a problem with how you smell, especially if you do not take care of your hygiene needs for long.

It seems clear that RDR 2 is shaping up to be an excellent game. The release is scheduled for October 26 for Xbox One and PC and we do not know if there will be a PC release just yet. What we do know is that there will be an online mode.

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