Red Dead Online to Be Released in November

Red Dead Online

Although Red Dead Redemption was announced for October 26th, gamers will have to be patient for a while more to play Red Dead Online. Rockstar officially confirmed that the release of the multiplayer variant of the game is scheduled for “somewhere in November 2018.” Furthermore, the studio only announced that a public beta will appear at that time, while we are still uncertain on the release of a full version.

This is the same concept that Rockstar used for Grand Theft Auto Online where the multiplayer release happened a lot later compared to the single-player game. According to Rockstar, this will give the opportunity to players to share their impressions of the beta version and participate in the process of creating an impressive final product. The studio is not expecting everything to go smoothly with the public beta, at least not during the first couple of days after launch. However, this is understandable as we are talking about a massive project of gigantic scale.

Red Dead Online will be available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Those that purchase RDR 2 will get the chance to play the multiplayer version of the game for free. Rockstar already announced that gamers may expect regular updates for Red Dead Online and most of them will be based on players’ feedback.

Is Grand Theft Auto Online Dead?

No, it is very much alive, and it will remain that way for some time to come. This was confirmed by Imran Sarwar, the Design Director of Rockstar North. According to him, the company still has plans for GTA Online, which implies that we can expect new content and updates. In fact, the goal that Rockstar has is to engage players to play both and avoid any potential competition.

This seems to be quite ambitious and Sarwar indirectly confirmed that they might be forced to sacrifice something along the way. He claims that the studio will give their best to secure constant updates for both games, but time may be their enemy when it comes to this.

Although both games are open-world and can be played solo and in multiplayer, it remains to be seen whether Red Dead theme is strong enough to suppress the success that GTA Online had over the years.

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