Re-Legion, a Cool Cult-Founding RTS, Will Be Released Soon

If you happen to be a fan of indie RTS genre or Ice Code Games, the chances are you may have followed the news related to Re-Legion. It is going to be a new addition to the cyberpunk real-time strategy genre, and the release has been officially confirmed for January 31st, 2019. That is only a couple of days away!

The developer has been working for a while considering the first vlog was revealed in May. It seems that they haven’t rushed since the release was initially scheduled for 2018, but the developers postponed it. It is also vital to note that Re-Legion won’t contain any multiplayer modes at first, although the studio indicated they might be an option. Multiplayer is still in plans for a later date, but we will have to be satisfied with a single-player campaign at first.

The premise of the game sounds extremely innovative and intriguing. You will establish a cult, and your task is to attract followers to it by being a good prophet. Re-Legion is set into 2184, so, a distant future in which people are still suckers for cults. Either way, you will recruit followers who will become your units.

There is an option to upgrade the “units,” but the crucial feature of the game is the chance to pick dogmas. These will shape your entire cult, including powers and abilities that will be accessible. According to some beta impressions, the concept seems interesting, but the graphics look outdated. Let’s hope that Ice Code Games decided to work on this aspect of the release during the delay from the initial release. This is the first venture of this developer into RTS considering that their two existing games on Steam are Deep Blue 3D Maze and Packed Train, both of which can be considered casual releases.

Care for Some Cool Prizes?

The developers even organized a giveaway to celebrate the release of Re-Legion and attract players to it. All you need to participate is to add the game to your wish list on Steam. Confirm that by making a screenshot, complete a simple form and that’s it! The results of the giveaway will be revealed on January 31st, on the day of the official release of the game. If you want to purchase the game, you can do so for $18 during the first 14 days from the release. The price will then increase to $20.

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