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Randy Pitchford No Longer in Charge of Gearbox Software, Will Still Lead Parent Company

Randy Pitchford No Longer in Charge of Gearbox Software, Will Still Lead Parent Company

The move is part of a restructuring effort that follows Gearbox’s acquisition by the Embracer Group earlier this year

The infamous Randy Pitchford has stepped down as the president of Gearbox Software according to a tweet sent yesterday by the man himself. Before you crack open those champagne bottles, it’s worth noting that Pitchford is not leaving Gearbox for good. Quite the contrary. The movie is just part of a restructuring effort that will see Pitchford in charge of a new branch of the company. Starting today, Gearbox has no fewer than four branches. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Gearbox Software

This is the branch you’re probably most familiar with. Gearbox Software is the development division of the company and is responsible for games like Duke Nukem, Homeworld, Brothers in Arms, and, of course, the Borderlands series. After stepping down as president of the studio, Randy Pitchford named Steve Jones as his successor.

Gearbox Publishing

Just as its name indicates, this is the publishing arm of Gearbox. The company is responsible for bringing to the market some of the games mentioned earlier. Along with others developed by third-party studios. A few notable examples include Godfall, Tribes of Midgard, We Happy Few, and Risk of Rain 2. Gearbox Publishing is headed by Steve Gibson.

Gearbox Studios

This is a newly-established division that will be in charge of Gearbox’s movie and TV projects. Most importantly, the upcoming Borderlands live-action movie directed by Eli Roth, which is set to launch next year. We don’t know much about the company’s other projects but it looks like Pitchford has high hopes for this new venture. After all, he did set up an entirely new division for it. Which he is leading himself might I mention.

Gearbox Entertainment

Finally, we have the parent company to rule them all. Gearbox Entertainment takes care of the business side of things and is helmed by none other than Randy Pitchford himself. Pitchford serves as both CEO and president of the company.

Gearbox’s restructuring comes mere months after the company was acquired by the Embracer Group. This is the same conglomerate that owns THQ Nordic, Kock Media, Saber Interactive, and several other gaming companies.

“With multiple AAA projects underway and many more in our greenlight pipeline with Gearbox Software along with a raft of great games from Gearbox Publishing and an explosive transmedia business with Gearbox Studios, we are just getting started,” said Pitchford.