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Rainbow Six Extraction Release Date Was Leaked… By Ubisoft Itself

The standalone game based on fan-favorite Rainbow Six Siege event just got its new release date leaked to the public. And the developers themselves are behind this particular leak

Rainbow Six Extraction release date was leaked, possibly by accident. Formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, now served to us under a different name due to coronavirus comparisons. Developed and published by Ubisoft. Extraction is a sci-fi co-op shooter based on the R6 Siege universe. It features zombie-like creatures, which are split into different classes. I know they are “aliens”, and I do not care, they behave exactly like zombies. You fight hordes of them with friends in missions, or campaigns, split into parts. This immediately brings up valid comparisons to the Left 4 Dead franchise, and now Back 4 Blood.

The game was delayed by Ubisoft together with Riders Republic in July 2021. And while Riders Republic was pushed back 8 weeks, from September 8th to October 28th, 2021. Rainbow Six Extraction release date remained a mystery, with Ubisoft only giving us a vague idea of when.

But the official Ubisoft blog released an interesting article. And the article in question states that January 20th 2022 is the official release date of Rainbow Six Extraction. This is yet to be officially announced by Ubisoft, and no comments have been made by them as of right now. So yeah, the Ubisoft blog just leaked a release date.

Rainbow Six Extration Release Date Confirmed For Sep. 20, 2021. But what about the gameplay?

Many who saw the gameplay trailer for Extraction were quite underwhelmed, myself included. It somehow looks worse than Quarantine, the in-game event for Siege which inspired the title. The enemy designs are uninteresting, all the playable characters are well known by now. Since they are just Siege operators with their exact abilities from said game. Nothing really exciting, just the same ol’ Siege, with zombies instead of A.I terrorist. Priced at full 60$ might I add.

Players gave some praise when they noticed that character movement speed is indeed faster than in Siege. But other than that? Noone is excited. And those who want to be excited about a new co-op “zombie” shooter, me included. Need to see way, way more details, and gameplay. For example, we still do not know what rewards await us for running seemingly very repetitive missions. Or how do you unlock operators. Or why would anyone want to pay 60$ for this.

Rainbow Six Extration comes out September 20, 2021. For Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and PlayStation 5.