Rage 2 Release Date

Bethesda Confirms We Can Expect Rage 2 in May 2019

The last month or two were anything but great for Bethesda. Something that was supposed to be a memorable journey with Fallout 76 turned out into a real nightmare. Plenty of negative publicity certainly affected the studio with the latest bad news regarding the leak of customers’ contacts.

There was no doubt that Bethesda could have used a positive piece of news and it finally arrived with the last night’s Game Awards. No, it’s not that the studio won anything, but they confirmed the release date of their new game. We are talking about Rage 2 which will officially be released on May 14, 2019. Considering all the negative talk regarding Fallout 76, the fans of the studio are probably shifting their attention to the new release.

The fans of the original Rage will surely be thrilled with the news. After all, it was this May when the sequel was initially announced. It turns out that it will take an entire year for the game to hit the shelves and it only remains to be seen whether it will be worth the wait.

A Game Full of Action

Rage 2 will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Take a look at the trailer below:


When it comes to details about the game, we can’t deny that it looks fantastic. The graphics are amazing and the combat seems impressive. You will be playing as a super soldier called Ranger that has a huge array of weapons at his disposal.  That includes guns, but also grenades and plenty of different gadgets which will give you a lot of choice for offing goons all over the map.

Considering that there are five more months until the official release, we expect to know more about the game in the coming period. It took Bethesda more than seven years to finally get to do the sequel and they better do it right. A game with positive reviews will also benefit their reputation and it remains to be seen whether they can handle the amount of pressure currently surrounding them.

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