PUBG features Suicide Squad

PUBG Will Feature Jocker and Harley Quinn Soon, but in What Way?

Bluehole may be the company that started the Battle Royale revolution with PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, but it is a huge competition in the genre at the moment with Fortnite and Call of Duty’s Blackout seriously threatening the popularity of PUBG.

It doesn’t come as strange then that the developers are trying to add new, cool things to the game to keep the gamers playing it and attract new players. According to the latest trailer, it seems that PUBG will implement a Suicide Squad crossover. As you can see, the trailer features Harley Quinn and Joker, the main characters featured in the SS movie.

In the trailer, they seem to be trying to get out of prison while numerous soldiers and policemen are doing there best to prevent them. However, there is no indication whether some of the characters are AI-controlled or Jocker, Harley, and the lawmen are all controlled by the players.

That didn’t stop the gaming community from making different assumptions based on the trailer. It seems a safe guess that this crossover might bring a concept change. Instead of the classic BR sessions, the new mode may present two players fighting for life against everyone. This has been supported by the announcement on Twitter where the creators quoted the famous sentence “Ok, honey. It’s me and you.”

It is not a new practice that stars of other franchises appear as guests in another IP, but we are certainly surprised that PUBG picked Harley and Jocker. Unfortunately, we do not know a whole lot of information, except that Bluehole did confirm you will be able to play as your favourite SS characters.

As for the release date, everything we know s that it is coming soon. Considering the Xbox and Steam logos appearing in the trailer, it is safe to say that the crossover will be available on both Windows and Xbox One.

Have you heard of X018? This is an event celebrating the console itself and all the players. This year it is being organized in Mexico City and it seems that we can expect some big PUBG news during the event. You can follow the entire X018 via their official website where you can also discover that we can expect updates about the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider expansion and State of Decay 2.

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