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PUBG Mobile Set to Release Soon…in China

We recently discussed that Bluehole agreed with Tencent to release a modified version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the Chinese market. That agreement came after the government of that country criticized the violence in PUBG and expressed their concerns whether the game is in line with “core social values of China.”

Just a couple of days, Tencent also released that it is working on an adaptation of PUBG for mobile devices! The most prominent publisher and developer in China emphasized that the game will be an authentic port that will keep the familiar gameplay mechanics of the original. According to the company’s press release, PUBG Mobile is still in development, and a release date is unknown. However, Tencent confirmed that they would first make it available for the national market only. There are no mentions on whether the game will be released worldwide or in other countries.

It will be exciting to see will PUBG be able to position itself on the Chinese mobile market. Aside from having a huge player base, it also already has numerous clones of the famous Battle Royale game. That is why it will be a tricky task for Tencent, but they are sure that they will succeed in creating an authentic port and dominating the app stores.

One thing is sure, though – Bluehole was at risk of losing the Chinese market, and their agreement with Tencent gets things back on the right track. It remains to be seen whether the future moves will help PUBG take the most out of the enormous potential in China, considering that 40% of worldwide gamers are located in that country.

Bluehole didn’t make any announcements regarding the possibility of an Android or iOS version of their hit.

Counting the Days to Xbox One Early Access

A lot is going on for our favorite shooter on PC and Xbox platforms, too. There are less than two weeks until the Early Access Xbox One version hits the digital shelves (December 12), while the creators plan to release the 1.0 update for PC until the end of the year. The full version is currently undergoing testing on separate servers to ensure that all the new features work flawlessly.

Probably the most anticipated additions are vaulting and climbing. They should be game-changers and adjust the gameplay mechanics significantly. Aside from that, players are looking forward to a new desert map and the additions to the roster of vehicles and guns.

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