PUBG Sells 20 Million Copies and Announces Xbox One Release Date


It has been a big day for PUBG with two important announcements coming from Brendan Greene himself. The game is celebrating selling 20 million copies, which is another confirmation that it’s the surprise hit of the year. The milestone is even more significant if you consider the fact that they doubled the sales number after only two months. As PC Gamer reported, it was in September when Bluehole studios had sold 10 million copies of PUBG.

The game doesn’t even seem affected by the latest increase of cheaters present on the servers. The players seem to enjoy the Battle Royale experience that the game provides so much that they are willing to be patient until the developers resolve the issue. How else to explain the fact that PUBG still leads in the number of concurrent players. In fact, the peak number of gamers that played it in the last 24 hours is almost four times bigger than the peak of DOTA 2. You can check the current statistics on Steam.

The good news is that Greene confirmed the developers are close to releasing a patch that will prevent cheating. He did admit that it will be a long battle fighting the cheaters, but users can expect the first fix later in the week. In the meantime, we got another piece of exciting news related to the game, and it is related to its Xbox One release date.

PUBG Xbox One Early Access Available in December

Xbox One owners can now start counting the days until the release of the most popular game of the year for their console. Bluehole Studios officially confirmed that a release for Xbox One could be expected worldwide on December 12. However, the game will be released with the “Early Access” mark, which means that it will still be unfinished once it is available for playing.

On the plus side, the developers will offer three exclusive packs available only on Xbox One, including Tracksuit, Accessory, and PUBG Warrior pack. According to the studio’s VP Chang Han Kim, there are no plans to include in-app purchases for the console version.

As for the full version of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for PC, the developers confirmed that they are getting closer to releasing it. The sources say that we can expect the 1.0 release until the end of the year, but it will probably come in late December and after the Xbox One premiere. If you’re still not playing PUBG, then maybe you should check out this article explaining how you can get a free key.

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