PUBG Xbox One Release

PUBG Officially Released on Xbox; New Map Available

It has been over six months since the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first appeared on Xbox One through the Xbox Game Preview feature. Now, the day has finally come for the PUBG 1.0 version to be released on this console. The official full release means that the game officially exited the early access phase, which is good news for the players who can expect plenty of fresh content.

The biggest addition is certainly a completely new map called Sanhok. It is a tropical-themed terrain that you might have already played on PC. The crucial difference is the size of the map as it is two times smaller than Miramar and Erangel. That adds pace and tense to the sessions and ensures that they are finished more quickly.

The Sanhok map also has some exclusive content that can only be found there. First, there is a pickup truck under the name Rony, which can accommodate up to four participants. Aside from that, the QBU weapon will only be available on Sanhok, while QBZ is a fresh gun addition for all three maps.

You will also get the chance to play a couple of new playlists. One of them is Mini Royale, which only Has Sanhok as a playable map, and the other is Battle Royale, which randomly places you on either Miramar or Erangel. If you want to know more about the new additions and changes that the developers made, check out this page on the PUBG website.

A New Mode Along with Custom Sessions

Another piece of exciting news related to the Xbox release of the game is that we can expect custom sessions and the War mode to be added soon. The goal of this late release is to “allow every user to enjoy various types of content over time.” The lovers of war will be glad to know that this mode will become available as a weekend event during September, while you can expect custom matches the following month.

If you want to purchase PUBG, the Xbox One version will cost you $30. There is also a special deal for the edition called “Sanhok.” This will get you access to various missions and reward, as well as earn you 2,300 G-Coins and a skin set under the name “Fire in the Hole.”

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