PUBG Creator Wants a Single-Player Campaign, But It Is Not That Easy

We are sure that even Brendan Greene, the creator of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, didn’t foresee this amount of success when he first released the game. But the truth is that more players are joining every day, and PUBG may become the best release of 2017.

Greene participated in a Reddit AMA recently, and he spoke about what additions he would like to see in the game in the future. He emphasized that he would love to see a single-player campaign.

“The island that we designed for PUBG could be a setting for a fantastic story, and it is something I surely want to see in the future,’ said Green in response to one of the questions asked.

However, he emphasized that it only the developers’ dream at the moment. All the current resources and time is being put into maintaining the multiplayer mode, which is the core mode of the release.

“All the time and resources we currently have is going into balancing the current one mode we have, fixing issues and adding new stuff.’

So, although it is natural that Greene wants to add single-player campaign and other modes to attract new players to the game, we shouldn’t expect that to happen in the immediate future.

Character Upgrade Will Soon Be Available

As for the other plans that the creator has with the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; we will probably see a placement system and division system similar to those in H1Z1 or League of Legends.

‘We still didn’t get a chance to plan that out completely, but we want to add those systems. We also want to see a system of upgrading your characters and maybe even weapons,’ said Greene.

There aren’t more details on the issue at the moment, but the creator promises that the public will be informed as soon as the plans are made. Greene was also asked about the text chat feature, but he denied that the developers are planning on implementing it to the game.

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