PUBG for PlayStation 4 Available in December?

PUBG Playstation 4 Release

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that made Battle Royale genre popular like never before. At the moment, PUBG is available for Xbox One and PC, as well as iOS and Android, although the latter two versions are a bit watered down for obvious reasons. The only component of the equation missing is PlayStation 4, but it seems this will be resolved quite soon.

The players that love to do some game digging are claiming that the PUBG for PS4 will release in December 2018. It seems sooner than expected, but it wouldn’t be strange if Bluehole decided to keep this a surprise from the public.

It is PSN to blame for the leak as one of the passionate players managed to discover the PUBG logo in its database, as well as a cover photo that hasn’t been used before. And while this confirms that we can expect a PS4 variant soon, it still doesn’t tell us when we can hope to play it.

If we are going to consult logic, it could happen as soon as next month. The reason is simple – Microsoft has a PUBG exclusivity for an entire year, but that period ends in December. It is a valid assumption to say that the developers are getting ready to release the PS4 version as soon as the partnership agreement ends. So, PS4 owners, you may be getting an intriguing Christmas present this year.

There is another indication that we could see a release soon – the Korean Rating Board has given an age rating to the game in September, which implies that PUBG is getting near. The thing is that there is no early access for PlayStation, which means Bluehole needs to release a full version right away.

Some of you may wonder whether crossplay will become an option with PUBG soon. Although Fortnite has implemented this feature, the chances are that the same won’t happen now. We already know that PlayStation management is not a fan of this technology and it also takes a huge investment.

However, we could expect more exciting additions to PUBG soon. According to the latest news, Joker and Harley Quinn, our favorite characters from the Suicide Squad, are soon coming to the game, but we still do not know in what way.

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